Refrigerator Warranty

When thinking about purchasing a refrigerator warranty for your new fridge, don’t get confused by the words manufacturer’s warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty comes standard with every appliance, but is only in place for a very limited time. If your refrigerator stops working after the allotted time is up, you must locate and pay for repairs on your own. Having an extended warranty on your refrigerator is necessary to keep your machine running at peak performance.

Repairing a broken fridge without a refrigerator warranty is costly in more ways than one. First, you will be without cold storage for a number of days. Second, the food already in the refrigerator will go bad. Third, taking the fridge to get repaired is no easy task unless you own a truck or trailer.

A manufacturer’s warranty may come in handy for the first couple of years of your fridge’s lifespan, but generally problems start to appear with wear. Even after the manufacturer’s warranty on your appliance runs out, a refrigerator warranty from Electronic Warranty continues to cover the cost of repairs for the entire length of the warranty period. All items covered under warranty are repaired right in your home or are shipped to an authorized service center free of charge. With an affordable refrigerator warranty, you never have to worry about wasting food again.

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