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Major retailers and on-line e-tailers significantly mark up the price of their warranties. In fact, in some cases stores make more profit on the extended warranty than on the product itself! You shopped around to get the best price on electronics, why not do the same thing for your warranty? You can save 50%* or more by buying a better extended warranty direct!

Buy Direct and Save 50%* Take out the store middleman and save big on all your extended warranties with us. Learn more about this.

Better CoverageWe often provide more coverage than in-store plans, including mechanical, electrical and surge protection failure; 100% parts and labor; no deductibles; and much more. Learn more about this.

Outstanding Customer Service Enjoy convenient 24 hour customer service; quality-checked service technicians; in home service. Learn more about this.

No Hassle Claim ServiceSubmit your claims over the phone or on line – any time of the day or night. Learn more about this.

Smart Extra FeaturesWe provide extras you won’t find on other warranties, such as 24 hour customer service, and on-line receipt repository, free online owners manuals, no limit to the number of claims**, and a lot more. Learn more about this.

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