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If you're investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a new electronics purchase, you really need a full coverage electronics warranty to protect your investment. Unfortunately, many of the electronics warranties you receive from chain stores, electronics outlets or even manufacturers fall far short of the coverage you deserve for your money. If you do get a full-coverage electronics warranty from the place of purchase, you will often pay nearly as much as the electronics item cost in the first place. Why not choose Electronics Warranty and get an incredible electronics warranty for less than half the price?

A good electronics warranty will offer coverage on both parts and labor, without charging you an arm and a leg in deductibles. Electronics Warranty gives you 100% coverage for both parts and labor with absolutely NO deductible at all In fact, you can even get in-home service for your large items like desk top computers or home theatre systems. A carefully screened, expert technician will come right to your home and repair your equipment for you. Electronic Warranty even lets you store a copy of your receipt online so you don't need to keep track of it later.

Your electronics warranty needs to cover mechanical and electrical problems that happen during everyday use, but aren't always covered by manufacturer's warranties or in-store warrantees. In fact, if your purchase fails to work properly after three service repairs, Electronics Warranty will either replace your product or reimburse you for the full purchase price.

Customers return to Electronic Warranty again and again because they can count on receiving excellent customer service. You'll never experience a run around or that feeling that your claim is a problem when you contact a customer service representative from Electronics Warranty. In fact, you'll be able to speak to a live person 24/7 either online or on the phone. Many times, problems can be resolved over the phone, but if yours cannot, you can count on quality trained and screened service technicians to fix your electronics in just a few short days. With over 50,000 service centers nationwide, you're sure to find a convenient location to drop off your electronic components for repair.

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