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If you ever find yourself standing at the checkout counter purchasing a new appliance and the salesperson asks if you want to tack on an extended appliance warranty, say no. Now, by saying no, that doesn't mean you should just walk away and hope for the best. Appliance warranties are essential for maintaining the life of your appliance. Most retailers sell extended warranties for large and small appliances that cover problems that occur within the few months to a year of use.

Most appliances, even less expensive ones, work pretty well for the first year or so. According to Consumer Reports, major appliances don't usually break within the first three years of usage. So purchasing an extended appliance warranty is like insurance for your new appliance. You may not need it immediately, but knowing it's there is a boon for your peace of mind.

From refrigerators to washing machines to stovetops, a standard appliance warranty from Electronic Warranty covers any mechanical and electrical failures that occur with everyday use. Larger appliances such as refrigerators qualify for convenient in-home repair from qualified repairmen. Plus, if a product cannot be repaired after three service visits, then you will either receive a replacement or be reimbursed for the full purchase price. If you want your new appliance to last, appliance warranties from Electronic Warranty can make that happen.

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